I had the pleasure of working with Fayann for few months, collaborating on our new project team. She implemented all tasks very efficiently and professionally.

Cloris Cheng - Corporate Services Manager at Sun Property Group Australia

Fayann is one of the most kind and personable Studio Managers I've had the pleasure of working with. This combined with her relentless work ethic and can-do attitude, means I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Fayann to anyone seeking a fresh, positive addition 

to their company.

Matthew Scott - Design Lead 

Fayann was a participant of the Young Women's Leadership Program in 2012. She was an enthusiastic and committed member of the program. She displayed a love of learning, personal growth and compassion for others. She regularly volunteers her skills to community causes while remaining committed to her work. She would be an asset to any team and shows true leadership potential.

Alicia Curtis - Keynote speaker, Facilitator & Author

Professional and great creative drive and direction with the views she envisions.

Malcolm Fretz - Teacher of Theatre, Drama & Media

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships 

Michael Jordan